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Thanks to our advanced mastery of Cybervadis and the support of a large number of SMEs/ETIs for their questionnaire, we have developed a unique working methodology allowing you to maximize the Cybervadis score.

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They require a Cybervadis rating to respond to their call for tenders

Our methodology

We will help you with your Cybervadis questionnaire

Cynthia S., Cybersecurity Consultant, Cybervadis expert

“When we start a Cybervadis questionnaire, it is often because a major account requests a supplier evaluation. This then results in a series of measures to be put in place in order to obtain the highest possible score based on the budget of SMEs/ETIs. »

We analyze the Cybervadis questionnaire. This differs depending on the size of the structure. The analysis of this questionnaire gives us the requirements to respect for your company.


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Drawing on our experience, our cybersecurity expert will then offer you an action plan on possible measures to put in place in order to successfully complete the Cybervadis questionnaire.

Our experts will collect all the evidence at your disposal in order to qualify it. 

For all missing documents, we will produce the missing policies and procedures in order to optimize the rating.

For missing technical security measures, we can also offer you the appropriate measures for the organization.

Your dedicated contact will then complete the Cybervadis questionnaire for you and will justify the evidence provided when necessary.

Our expert supports you until you obtain the final cybervadis score

Cybervadis evaluates your organization according to 4 areas

cybervadis se base sur 4 piliers de notation

Cybervadis is a security label allowing an organization or its suppliers to be assessed regarding the maturity of information systems. The objective is to allow a rating and a categorization then allowing procurement to select potential suppliers eligible for referencing.


Cybervadis evaluates 4 areas:


– Data Privacy or GDPR

– Data Protection or data protection

– Third-Party Management or the management of third parties / suppliers

– Business Continuity or the continuity of activities