In a world where cybersecurity has become an essential priority for businesses of all sizes, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often face particular challenges. Lack of resources, specialized skills or even awareness, the obstacles are numerous. This is where Cybervadis comes in, a cybersecurity assessment tool specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs. But how can such a tool become a growth lever and a competitive advantage, particularly in the context of calls for tenders? And how can support from a specialized consulting firm maximize the benefits of Cybervadis for an SME?

The Advantages of Cybervadis for an SME

Complete and Personalized Assessment: Cybervadis offers a cybersecurity assessment that takes into account the specificities of each SME. This provides an accurate overview of the company's IT security strengths and weaknesses.

Gain in Confidence: With a Cybervadis rating score, SMEs can demonstrate to their financial or business partners, customers and suppliers that they take data security seriously, thereby strengthening their credibility and reputation.

Regulatory conformity : Cybervadis helps SMEs ensure they comply with current standards and regulations, such as GDPR, thereby avoiding potential sanctions.

Continuous improvement : The tool not only assesses, it also provides recommendations to improve security posture, enabling continuous improvement.

Cybervadis: An Asset to Win Calls for Tenders

As part of the tenders, cybersecurity has become a increasingly predominant criterion. Clients want to ensure that their subcontractors will not be the weak link in the security chain. A high score on Cybervadis can therefore become a strong argument for standing out from the competition. It demonstrates a serious commitment to cybersecurity, which can be decisive in the final choice of the principal.

Support from a Specialized Consulting Firm

Our cybersecurity consulting firm can play a key role in optimizing the use of Cybervadis for an SME. Here is how we can support you:

Initial Audit: We carry out an audit of your current situation to identify areas for improvement even before the Cybervadis assessment.

Preparing for the Assessment: We help you prepare for the Cybervadis assessment by supporting you in the implementation of IT security best practices.

Results interpretation : We assist you in understanding the results obtained and in prioritizing the actions to be taken.

Action plan : We develop a strategic action plan with you to correct vulnerabilities and strengthen your information system.

Monitoring and Improvement: We ensure regular monitoring and advise you on technological and regulatory developments so that your Cybervadis score remains optimal.


The future of tools like Cybervadis is promising, as they meet a growing need for secure information exchange and regulatory compliance. For an SME, equipping itself with such tools and being supported by cybersecurity experts is no longer an option but a necessity to remain competitive and win calls for tender. Our consultancy is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible rating score, enabling you to secure not only your data but also your business future. Find more information about our support here.

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