A Transformational Journey with an SME of 300 users


In today's digital age, digital transformation is not just a choice, but a necessity. At Faraon Consulting, we constantly witness how IT Cost Optimization (or “IT Cost Optimization”) cost killing“) and the harmonization of IT tools are issues that have become strategic for any company, from small businesses to mid-sized companies and major accounts. Cost-killing is a healthy practice after external growth sessions, buyouts, carve-outs or simply after stacking phases over the years. For SMEs/ETIs, IT service providers offer a multitude of tools which are duplicated and which are hard to manage, so that service providers forget about security, monitoring or invoices for tickets which are important.

A cost-killing service is paid for success, which makes it an interesting service. Different firms may offer different strategies. FARAON CONSULTING's specialty is reducing costs while drastically increasing the level of security. Our approach consists of 6 key steps:

Step 1: IT Assessment and Audit

The first step in our approach is to understand the current state of the business by carrying out a thorough IT and SSI audit. This involves a complete assessment of costs, technological structure, IT tools used, and skills available internally. We also analyze existing contracts and agreements with IT suppliers to identify optimization opportunities.

Step 2: Identifying Duplications and Inefficiencies

Next, we take a close look at each technology component and IT tool, and identify redundancies and inefficiencies. Similar tools or those that do not add substantial value are either eliminated or replaced with more cost-effective and efficient alternatives.

Step 3: Negotiations and Renegotiations

Equipped with our analysis and expertise, we enter a negotiation phase with IT suppliers. Our goal is to reduce costs, either by renegotiating existing terms or by exploring more cost-effective alternatives in the market. Savings made during this stage are often reinvested in other digital transformation initiatives.

Step 4: Harmonization of IT tools

Harmonization goes beyond the simple standardization of tools. We envision an integrated and coherent information system that not only meets the current needs of the company, but is also scalable for the future. This often involves adopting cloud solutions, hybridization and collaboration tools that improve productivity and operational efficiency without increasing the IT budget.

Step 5: Deployment and Training

After establishing a harmonization plan, we manage the deployment of new tools and processes while ensuring a smooth transition. Training users and IT teams is crucial at this stage to ensure that changes are welcomed and adopted across the organization.

Step 6: Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. Even after deployment, we provide ongoing monitoring, monitoring the performance and usage of IT tools to ensure they continue to deliver value and be aligned with business objectives.


Nothing better than a telling example, let's dive into a real use case that the firm had to deal with and where we orchestrated and applied such a transformation strategy for an ETI of 300 users.

For the mid-sized company with 300 employees, the strategy consisted of renegotiating the price of Microsoft 365 licenses and rationalizing the tools by stopping all duplicate tools with those included in the Microsoft Business Premium license. This strategy has led us to significant savings of more than €50,000 excluding tax per year.

A simplification and a gain in security has been achieved. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was not activated, we propagated it to all accounts. We also proposed various security and management improvements, notably through the use of intune and the shutdown of Miradore.

Simplified management for enhanced security.


The success of this particular project not only resulted in significant savings for the ETI, but also significantly improved efficiency and collaboration between users. At Faraon Consulting, we believe that every business has untapped potential that can be unlocked through intelligent IT management and alignment. Cost killing is not just about cutting expenses, but about investing wisely to build a sustainable digital future.

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